4 Meal Prep Mistakes to Avoid

You want to enjoy your weekend or free time with your family & friends, not spending hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. 

You want to feel inspired by what you are creating in the kitchen, not be stuck with the same few flavors.

You want to actually like what you eat, not eat the same meal for lunch 5 days in a row. 

When we see beautifully prepped meals on social media or perfectly curated meals for each day of the week, it can create a ton of pressure for us to have everything figured out on our first try. So if you are reading this, maybe you have tried out meal prepping but it left you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.  

That’s ok!

I am here to tell you that you can actually love what you eat, have fun in the kitchen, AND have time in your day to enjoy life. 

4 meal prep mistakes to avoid


Not Having a Plan


You want to have food ready to go for the week so as you walk through the grocery aisle, you stock up on whatever sounds tasty. You figured that you can 

Improved Strategy

🥦 Create a grocery list before heading to the store with base items for meals or ingredients for recipes.

🥦 Consider what ingredients can be used for multiple meals, leftovers, or can be frozen for later.

🥦 Set a limit for “random items” so you don’t wind up with mostly snacks for the week.

🥦 Look at what is in season and choose seasonal items. This helps to save costs and change flavors!


Using Complicated Recipes


Each Sunday you browse Pinterest or your fave bloggers’ IG and pick out several recipes that you are going to make each day that week.

Improved Strategy

🥦 Keep things simple by looking for recipes with a short ingredient list.

Note: Look for recipes that have ingredients & spices you mostly already have at home.

🥦 Look for recipes with a short prep time and minimal steps. 

🥦 Look for recipes that don’t require multiple kitchen appliances & tools. This saves time on clean-up too!

🥦 If you want to try new recipes, pick 1-2 to try each week vs. having 5 new recipes every week. 


You are doing too much too soon.


You are ready to meal prep for the week so you plan to portion out 3 meals per day for 5 days, just like you see on IG!

Improved Strategy

🥦 Start with prepping 1-2 meals in advance for 1-3 days to see what works & what doesn’t work for you!

🥦 Don’t feel like you have to assemble multiple meals, days in advance. 

🥦 “Bulk” store protein, veggies, starches, etc.. & assemble based on your needs.

🥦 Check-in with yourself. If you don’t like eating the same thing every.single.day don’t have 5 days of the same meals!


Making all of your food in 1 day


You have a jam-packed week ahead of you so you want to get everything ready to go so you don’t have to cook anything during the week.  However, Thursday comes along and you are sick of having the same meal and your chicken tastes a bit funky.

Improved Strategy

🥦 Cook 3-4 days. ahead of time and plan to do a mini meal prep mid-week.

🥦 Utilize the oven, slow cooker, air fryer, or grill to cook a few extra servings of protein.

🥦 If you are making dinner, make a bit more so you have leftovers for lunch the next day

🥦Remember the frozen foods we talked about earlier? Utilize frozen veggies, fries, proteins, etc… for minimal effort options.

Meal prep is a tool that can be so helpful if you are looking to save money, lose weight, improve performance in the gym, lose body fat, save time & the list goes on!