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4 Meal Prep Mistakes to Avoid

You want to enjoy your weekend or free time with your family & friends, not spending hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up.  You want to feel inspired by what you are creating in the kitchen, not be stuck with the same few flavors. You want to actually like what you eat, not eat […]

Healthy Fast Food Options

We may have plans to prepare food for the week and have our meals ready to go but then life happens!  Right?   How many times have you had a morning where you wake up late, rush out the door and forget your food OR you have an unexpected meal out. Let’s be real. Life is […]

8 Protein Packed Meals

If you are wanting to lose body fat, improve performance or simply be a healthy human being, how much protein you are eating is something that you want to pay attention to. However, protein tends to be something that is difficult to add to the mix of your meals or snacks. I know that I […]

18 Vegetarian Protein Sources

Meat-free ≠ low protein Yep, you read that right! If you have made the transition from eating meat to following a meat-free diet, you may have found it tough to get enough protein in.  This makes total sense because you removed a group of foods that helped to bump up your daily protein intake. However, […]